iConsumer Snafus & Issues

This is where you will go to see any issues or errors that impact iConsumer.
We are regularly evaluating how problems occur and how to prevent them in the future.
We really appreciate your assistance in alerting us to any potential challenges - we are always looking for your input to improve our site. If you don't see your current snafu here please fill out a ticket at support.iconsumer.com
CashBack Payout Issue - 5/5/2016
Some calculation errors resulted in a small group of iConsumer shoppers receiving duplicate payments for purchases included in a previous check run. We decided to honor those payments and have rewarded those iConsumer members/owners with bonus earnings to bring their accounts into balance.
Giftcards.com is having an issue. This goes beyond iConsumer. We are actively in communication with the merchant and hope to have them up and running soon.
We had a little glitch on 3/28 - but thanks to our members it was identified quickly and we were able to resolve the error within a few hours.  
Basically what happened was that all transactions came in as a negative 48 cents. :(
Any impacted members will show the -.48 reversed and a new accurate transaction posted.  It would look like the screen shot below.

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