Selling Your Stock

At some point, shareholders may want to sell their iConsumer stock.  
Unlike most startups, you are allowed to sell your iConsumer stock anytime you wish, at any price to which you agree.  It is not "restricted" in any way.
The challenge is finding somebody who wants to buy your stock at a price you want to sell it.
You can find somebody to buy your stock if you wish.  Once you've agreed upon a price, you inform the transfer agent to transfer the shares from your account to your buyer's account.
As of March, 2017, that's the only practical way to sell your iConsumer stock.  
iConsumer is currently quoted on the OTC QB market (RWRDP).   We do not control the price of our stock or its liquidity (how many people want to buy or it sell it at any given time), so we can’t predict the price you’ll be able to sell or buy our stock at.
As more and more people express an interest in wanting to buy our stock, it'll become easier and easier to sell.  At some point, iConsumer will consider being listed on an exchange, like the NASDAQ or NYSE.

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