How do I sell my shares?

iConsumer is quoted on the OTCQB market (RWRDP).   Any shares that have been transferred to you can be sold. We do not control the price of our stock or its liquidity (how many people want to buy it or sell it at any given time), so we can’t predict the price at which you’ll be able to sell or buy our stock.


How to sell iConsumer shares:


Any shares that you've earned or purchased and that have been transferred to the transfer agent may be sold.

  1. Contact your stock broker and instruct them to transfer your shares from the transfer agent.  Only certain brokerages accept "penny stocks" - generally that's stocks priced less than $1.
  2. If you don't have a stock broker, TD Ameritrade has been accepting transfers of iConsumer stock (RWRDP).  Here is a very helpful page on the Ameritrade site.  And here's the form you'll fill out.  You may also need an "origin" document.  Basically, how got your shares.  That's our offering circular, which is on the SEC site.  There are actually several versions of that document, so if there's a problem, just visit our site for a listing.  You will also need your Issuer Direct account number - see item 4. below.
  3. TD Ameritrade is generally a self-service broker.  If you own several thousands of iConsumer shares, and want more personalized (but probably more expensive) attention we have identified several boutique brokerage firms that will work with you to transfer and sell your iConsumer shares.  Just contact us.
  4. The transfer agent is Issuer Direct.  They sent you account information when your iConsumer stock was initially transferred to you.  If you need your information again, there is a "Contact Us" link on the Issuer Direct page.

For additional understanding of stock liquidity, and updates of what iConsumer is working on to generate a market for the stock you own, we suggest you follow our CEO's blog posts on Shareholder Academy.


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