iConsumer Button

The Button
This tiny addition to your browser automatically tells participating stores that
you want your shopping to be directed through iConsumer so that you can GetYourShare.
Enhanced Search Results
Use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find the stores and bargains you love. The Button highlights the stores and products that help.

Once you have downloaded the iConsumer Button:

NOTE: If you don't see the iConsumer Button, please visit iConsumer.com/diagnostics to try and diagnose the problem.  You may want to check out this article for additional information http://support.iconsumer.com/kb/a230/how-do-i-know-if-my-iconsumer-button-is-working-and-up-to-date.aspx

Next, visit any iConsumer store, such as QVC:

You will see the “iConsumer + Show Deals" Button the lower right corner.
Click on the “iConsumer + Show Deals" Button for available live feed of coupons and to review any exceptions.

This means you are good to go!  Shop as you normally would.

Some stores require a confirming action that you want to earn a rebate.

If you see a large iConsumer drop down telling you that you need to activate iConsumer, please click it to continue.
When you successfully link to a store via iConsumer.com, your visit will be immediately posted at http://www.iconsumer.com/html/myvisits.cfm and visible in the "My Visits" link under My Account.
Click on the iConsumer logo in your toolbar for helpful iConsumer site shortcuts.