Posting about iConsumer to social channels

Three easy ways to connect with iConsumer on social media.

    - you can choose to allow iConsumer to auto post on your behalf to Facebook or Twitter.
Simply sign-in to iConsumer.
Navigate to the Tell A Friend page and select options for Facebook (screenshot below) or Twitter.
When you select Facebook Settings or Twitter settings you will be prompted to log-in to Facebook or Twitter with your personal information.
Then you can decide how often you wish for us to post on your behalf and what type of information.
    -You can join our iConsumer Shareholders private Facebook group.  Click here and request access - note, you MUST provide the proper email AND have accumulated at least 1 share of RWRDP to join the group.

    -there are links to iConsumer's public Facebook and Instagram profiles at the bottom of every weekly newsletter. Click to see what's going on!