iConsumer Button Compatibility and Conflicts

Quick Button Facts

  • Windows 10, 8.0-8.7,  7,  XP & Vista:

      Microsoft Ede 86.*
      Firefox 52 - 82.x
      Chrome 9.0 - 86.x
  • Mac OS X 10.5 - 11.x: (not compatible with older versions):
          Safari 12.x - 14.x
          Firefox 52.0 - 82.x
          Chrome 9.0 - 86.x
  • The iConsumer Button is not compatible with the protection software, "Ad Block", "Ghostery", or "DuckDuckGo", "uBlock"
  • There are known conflicts with the Delta Sky Miles Toolbar (causes “unhandled exceptions” in Internet Explorer), the Adobe PDF browser add-on, and jv16 PowerTools 2012.
  • The iConsumer Button is not compatible with the AOL toolbar.
  • If you are running a program called Malwarebytes and are having trouble loading the iConsumer Button into Internet Explorer, be advised that the program may block some files needed for the iConsumer Button to run (ScriptHost.dll & ScriptHost64.dll).  If your installed iConsumer Button is not working, go into Malwarebytes and “whitelist” - "c:\program files(x86)\iConsumerButton" directory.  Then, rerun the iConsumer Button installation.  Now when you restart Internet Explorer, the iConsumer Button should be present and functional.

Firefox Users
The "Java Quick Starter 1.0" extension installed, it is incompatible with iConsumer.  The "Java Quick Starter 1.0" extension is optional software and can be disabled without causing problems on your computer.  Once disabled, the iConsumer Button will start working after Firefox is restarted.
Occasionally, Firefox users will get an error that a redirect is blocked.  If this occurs you will need to manually enable autorefresh in your browser:
  1. type about:config in the location bar of your webbrowser
  2. a message appears: click to accept
  3. search for blockautorefresh
  4. change accessibility.blockautorefresh from false to true
You may need to DISABLE THE AdBlock for the whole site (right click for dropdown). Then refresh the page and the triangle re-appears in the lower right corner. 

Firefox Users on MAC
iConsumer.com will not work with Norton Identity Toolbar
Virus Alert
When downloaded, your iConsumer software will "phone home" to the iConsumer database for up-to-date store lists and rebate information.  Some protection and antivirus programs  (like AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast!,. Bitdefender, Norton Security, F-Secure, Avira, Panda, BullGard, eScan, Trend) can misidentify this behavior as virus, or spyware activity with an ALERT! threat.  It is not.  
Please check "allow" or 'okay", there should be a setting to white-list/adjust your settings in the protection software to stop notifications.  Alas, due to the variety of providers we do not have specific instructions.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.
Additionally, Norton and Symantec have recommended that users of their products review the following article for details on configuring local exceptions:
Norton products: http://symc.ly/1MAYaND