How iConsumer Works


iConsumer is a free service 

  • iConsumer members generate stock rebates by shopping at any of our 2,300+ Stores
  • Since our stock is priced at $0.25 a share currently (as of April 7, 2022) every $2.50 of stock back is 10 shares.
  • Typically, within a week after you shop or travel has completed, your iConsumer transaction is reported to you - you can see your Shopping Report when logged in under "Shopping Report" in your member Dashboard.
  • We credit your rebate and stock to your account immediately.
  • Your rebates start out "pending", then after 75 days, after the merchant has time to process any returns and to pay iConsumer, it changes to "earned".  
  • You may use the iConsumer provided coupons to save money.
  • There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees.
  • You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iConsumer for rebate. Some coupons do require that you enter a special code we'll provide you. It's all automatic!
SHOPPING:  Shopping via iConsumer earns you rebates. iConsumer receives compensation beyond the posted rebate amounts, and many stores pay to advertise on our site. When iConsumer members shop via our special links, an "iConsumer Cookie" is assigned to your browser. This tells the store, "Here is an iConsumer Member" using a meaningless ID number. The store reports back with this number and the amounts for the rebate. We never have access to any payment information.


Ways to Use iConsumer:

After using an iConsumer link to reach the store's website, you shop as you normally would. There are no extra steps, no iConsumer notifications when making payments.  The rebates happen behind the scenes.  It's so automated that often the store's support teams are unaware of iConsumer.    

Create your own list of favorite stores under My Stores

NOTE: Use only Deals & Coupons The use of a non-iConsumer coupon will void the rebate. We have direct feeds from the stores providing you with all the latest offers and savings.  All other known exceptions are posted on the stores' details page.


When you successfully link to an iConsumer store, a record of it is posted with your My Visits.

  • If you see your store visit there, then tracking is working, and each transaction you make will be reported for a rebate. (You may need to refresh the page.)
After being reported to us, a record of your transactions can be reviewed under Shopping Report.  
  • Normal reporting is within ten days after shipping (or after the travel booking end date), but some can take up to 30 days. Returns or In-store exchanges will generate a credit.
  • When a purchase is first reported to us, it's "pending".  After about 75 days it'll become "earned".  That allows time for the merchant to process returns and to pay us.

Known Technical Conflicts: 

  • NOTE: iConsumer and our stores use cookies to track and report Rebates.  If you use the “Do not track” function built into your browser, or employ cookie blocking software, then iConsumer will not work properly.
  • The use of the protection software "Ad Block" and "Ghostery" will prevent iConsumer from working properly. 
  • Firefox Users on MAC - will not work with Norton Identity Toolbar