Cash Back Payments

We mail checks approximately once a month.
To make our lawyers happy, this article is a support person version -  (not a lawyer's and not legally binding) a laymen's summary of our terms and conditions, which you can find here.  There's actually a whole table of dates and requirements.
We're going to send you your money based on the following schedule:
No sooner than 90 days after your transaction has been reported to us, and after we owe you at least $25 you will go into the next check run.
If we don't yet owe you $25 (based on same 90 days above), your money doesn't go away, we'll wait until we do owe you at least $25.
We are send your Cash Back via check or Bitcoin, your choice. 
If you have a non U.S. mailing address, you'll need to use Bitcoin.

You can choose to buy iConsumer shares with your Cash Back.
If there is no activity in your account for a rolling twelve month period, there is a monthly inactivity fee.  We will not debit your account if the balance is zero.  That is, you'll never owe US money.
Between December 23, 2017 and November 11, 2018:
We didn't offer Cash Back.  We offered Bitcoin Back.
What does that mean if I have "pending" Bitcoin?  
Your pending Bitcoin will turn into earned Bitcoin on the normal schedule outlined above, no changes.  Once it's no longer pending, you have three choices.  Do, nothing, transfer it, or request we convert your earned Bitcoin into cash.
If you request to convert your Bitcoin into cash, it'll increase your cash back balance, and be handled as if it were originally earned as cash.  Once your balance exceeds $25, we'll send a check.