Cash Back Payments

We mail checks approximately once a month.
To make our lawyers happy, this article is a support person version -  (not a lawyer's and not legally binding) a laymen's summary of our terms and conditions, which you can find here.  There's actually a whole table of dates and requirements.
We're going to send you your money based on the following schedule:
No sooner than 90 days after your transaction has been reported to us, and after we owe you at least $25 you will go into the next check run.
If we don't yet owe you $25 (based on same 90 days above), your money doesn't go away, we'll wait until we do owe you at least $25.
We can send your Cash Back via check or Bitcoin, your choice. 
If you have a non U.S. mailing address, you'll need to use Bitcoin.

You can choose to buy iConsumer shares with your Cash Back.
If there is no activity in your account for a rolling twelve month period, there is a monthly inactivity fee.  We will not debit your account if the balance is zero.  That is, you'll never owe US money.