Can I use my own coupon/Groupon/promo code, etc on iConsumer?

In general, third-party offers will invalidate any Rebate earned from your purchase.  This includes, but is not limited to an offer you receive directly from an iConsumer merchant.  If you take advantage of an offer or code provided in a merchant email or on a merchant's site, it may cause your Rebate to be reversed. 

Our merchants offer a variety of coupons and deals that will work in conjunction with iConsumer so that you can save & earn.  These can be found throughout the site, on our Coupons page and in the iConsumer "Show Deals" triangle for each brand if you have the iConsumer Button installed.  Also, offers you receive in an iConsumer newsletter or email will not invalidate the Rebate.

You may not combine Rebates from iConsumer with other Rewards, Points, Employee/Group pricing, Cash Back or other Rebate programs (including Credit Card 'malls', Rewards specific purchases, Loyalty Reward Add-ons, or cash back mobile apps).

(Show Deals Box as it appears on the sites you visit via the iConsumer Button)