Stock Certificates

iConsumer Corp. does not issue stock certificates.  We use "book entry".  As required by federal regulations we use a transfer agent to keep track of the stock we've issued to shareholders.
Paper stock certificates are expensive to issue, they get lost, and when they get lost, they're very expensive for the shareholder to replace. However, if you'd like to print a pretty stock 'certificate' for show, you can do so from your My Stats page, by clicking on Generate Stock Certificate. 
When we issue stock to a member, we deliver it electronically to the transfer agent. 
As of January 1, 2017 our transfer agent is Direct Issuer, LLC.  
Their job is to track shares, or upon direction of the shareholder, to transfer those shares to other people, or, if possible, into a shareholder's brokerage account.
Once we have delivered your shares to the transfer agent, we no longer know how many shares a particular shareholder may own.  The transfer agent is not required to inform us if you dispose of your shares in any way.
For more information about when and how to get your stock delivered to you, please visit our article on stock delivery.