Are there any exceptions?

With over 1,700 Stores listed with iConsumer, there are bound to be several specific rules and exceptions.  
Most notably:
  • In general, the purchase of a Gift Card from a merchant will not earn any Rebate.  (Any stores that do offer a  Rebate on such purchases will be included in the Gift Card Department.)
  • Use of a coupon code/promo/sale or offer NOT provided on iConsumer will not earn a Rebate (this may include any offer emailed to you directly by an iConsumer merchant or found on that merchant's site).  Offers that will not negate an iConsumer Rebate can be found on our site here.
  • If a store has any additional specific exceptions, such as: "Special Rate Donation" and/or the exclusion of specific items, we post them for your review.  They will appear with the store's listing, as a blue circled "i" (see image below), and under "Details", and within the Consumer Button corner triangle that appears when you visit a store using the iConsumer Button.