When Do I Get My Purchased Shares? Where Do I See My Purchased Shares?

The process behind purchasing shares in our offering goes through several steps.
1) You make your investment using our provider - FundAmerica.  You should have received an email directly from FundAmerica.
2) On the next business day, Fund America makes an ACH request of the bank and bank account you specified.
3) Approximately 1 business day later, your bank transfers the money to our Escrow Agent (Prime Trust).

4) We are required to wait at least 10 business days for the ACH transfer to be non-reversible.
5) In the month after that (but usually pretty quickly), we instruct the Escrow Agent to transfer the money to our account.
6) About the same time as your money is transferred into our bank account, we instruct Fund America to accept your investment.  You should receive an email from Fund America that your investment has been accepted.
7) Within the month following acceptance of your investment, we record your investment on the books of our Transfer Agent - Issuer Direct.  When that happens, you should receive an email from Issuer Direct.  You may also contact them at transfer@issuerdirect.com .
From that point on, Issuer Direct is entirely responsible for your purchased shares. 

Important Note: Emails from Issuer Direct tend to get blocked by spam filters.

We're not sure why yet, but our members are having a hard time getting their confirmations and statements from Issuer Direct.  While we're working with them to increase their delivery rate, you can always request information from them at transfer@issuerdirect.com

Duplicate Issuer Direct Accounts:

You may have more than one account at Issuer Direct.  Shares you purchased may be in one account, and shares you earned may be in another account.  We're working with them to make certain you only have one account.