How much is our stock worth?

The SEC won't let us tell you that (and it's only our opinion, anyway).  What we can tell you is what people are buying and selling it for.  


In December, 2016, people paid $.045 per share for our stock.  


Beginning in February, 2017 people were paying $.09 for it.


We filed an offering in March, 2018 to sell our stock at $.15 / share. 


That offering was qualified on June 13, 2018. So we began selling it for $.15 / share.

In August, 2019 we increased the price per share to $.18 / share.


As of December, 2017, iConsumer stock is quoted on the OTC market with the ticker symbol: RWRDP. 


It's lots of fun to watch the price and volume fluctuate.