Why haven’t I received a rebate for my purchase?

Common reasons why you might not have received a rebate include:

  • Ensuring that the proper time period has elapsed, in particular:

    • Rebates earned from purchases usually show up as "pending" 1-3 days after the item is shipped or travel has completed, but some merchants are slow to report to us.  Credit for travel related purchases can be especially slow.

    • Rewards received for referring friends who shop show up as "pending" after the friend makes the purchase (usually 1-3 days after the item is shipped).

  • Not using our site links, our app or the iConsumer Button as a logged-in member. The iConsumer Button installed on your desktop browser or our app on your mobile device makes it so easy to not forget and to always get credit.  No credit if you didn’t use us properly, because the stores won’t pay us in that case.

  • Using a store that offers “owners benefit” (like Amazon). That means iConsumer makes money (and as an owner of iConsumer you may benefit from that) but we’re not given sufficient information to credit the purchase to you personally.

  • Using a coupon or code not provided by iConsumer. (This may include an offer on a merchant's site that you land on from iConsumer. If the code is NOT on iConsumer, it may invalidate your rebate.)

  • Clearing your cookies.  Doing so typically wipes out the information the store uses to give iConsumer credit for your purchases.


If the above reasons do not apply, then please submit a missing or incorrect transaction form and we will investigate the transaction.  That involves working with the merchant involved and may take many weeks to resolve. We appreciate your patience.