Purchase status

The rebates you get after making a purchase at an iConsumer store go through several stages.  These stages are visible on your Dashboard/My Stats page.  
  • When you visit a participating store, we report that to you immediately.
  • You make a transaction at a participating store.
  • Usually within three days after your order ships or travel completes, the store reports the purchase to iConsumer. Some stores do take longer.  If you think there's a problem, please report it to us.
  • We report the transaction to you, and mark the status of the iConsumer Stock credited to you as PENDING.
  • Approximately 90 days after that, if you haven't returned the purchase, the status of your iConsumer Stock is marked EARNED.
  • If you request that we transfer your stock to our Transfer Agent (Issuer Direct), after that is complete, your Stock will be marked "Transferred".
  • Once transferred, we do not keep track of the iConsumer Stock you got at iConsumer.