iConsumer App Navigation

Navigating Merchant Sites in the iConsumer Android App

When you are in the iConsumer Android App and you have clicked a link to go visit a store, the app loads the merchant web site into an in-app browser.  At the top of the screen, there is an arrow pointing to the left which exits the in-app browser and returns you from the merchant web site to the rest of the app.  That arrow is not a back button for the in-app browser. 
To navigate back a page on the merchant site in the in-app browser, use the < and > arrows at the bottom of the app screen. There is also a page reload button there and on the right is a button to bring up coupons/deals.
If you use the in-app browser exit button at the top of the screen, it will really throw off your shopping experience as you described.
See image below to see the different buttons provided.

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