Cash is Back

Cash Back has returned.  Starting with purchases made on or after November 12, 2018, you'll be getting cash back, not Bitcoin back, as a rebate.  You will continue to receive stock back, that hasn't changed.  The percentage back hasn't changed.  You'll be able to change your cash to Bitcoin, and if you already have Bitcoin, your Bitcoin to cash.
We're keeping Bitcoin as an optional redemption mechanism.  Instead of getting a check sent to you (the minimum check we'll send is for $25), you can instruct us to transfer your cash back as Bitcoin.  There's no minimum transfer amount for Bitcoin.  This is also great for folks living outside of North America (because we won't send checks outside of North America).
To change Bitcoin to cash:
Nothing changes in the percentage amount of the rebate or the process a purchase goes through before you've fully earned it.  As always, your purchase will be recorded as pending until enough time has passed for the retailer to report returns to us, and enough time for the retailer to pay us so we can pass along your rebate.