iConsumer Button Promo - November 2018

What the Heck is the Button?!?!

Hi [[first_name]],

We talk a lot about the iConsumer Button, but maybe you're not familiar with exactly what it is ...

The Button is a small piece of software you download to your browser (think "Chrome" or "Firefox" etc.). This Add-On (some browsers call it an "Extension") communicates with iConsumer as you use your browser. When you get to an iConsumer store, it tells the store (with an anonymous ID) that you're an iConsumer member. Now the store can report your purchases to us so you get the Rewards you richly deserve. The Button is free for PCs and Mac.

Why you want the Button.

So you don't forget to earn iConsumer stock and Bitcoin, every time you shop! The Button just hangs around on your browser, waiting to make you happier, and maybe wealthier. To help that last part happen sooner, right now we're offering you 10 shares of RWRDP for trying the Button. Those shares last traded at $.18/share. The more people who get the Button means more shopping and more shopping makes it likelier that our share price will go up.

The details: Download and install the Button (it only works on PCs and Macs, and there isn't a Microsoft Edge version quite yet) before November 10th. Keep it installed until January 31, 2019. We know it's installed because every day or so it phones home to get an updated list of stores and special offers. No purchase necessary, but we hope you buy a lot!

Do the math.What do YOU think RWRDP will be worth in the future?

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