Stock Reward & Purchase Suspension

Beginning at midnight, June 14, 2019, until the SEC requalifies our stock offering, we are not able to offer iConsumer stock for sale or award it for purchases or activities.  Other than rewarding you with stock for your activities that occur during this period, everything stays the same.

We expect, but cannot be certain, that our SEC offering will be requalified very soon and that things will return to normal.

Things you can still do while stock sales and awards are suspended:
  • You will be awarded stock for purchases that occurred before June 14.
  • You will be awarded cash back for purchases that occur on or after June 14.
  • You may transfer stock to the transfer agent.
  • Shopping at Amazon continues to earn iConsumer money.
  • You may buy or sell our stock that has previously been awarded to you.
  • You may buy or sell our stock on the OTC market.
Here's the list of things that won't happen:
  • You won't earn stock for purchases made after June 14, until the SEC has requalified us.
  • New members will not receive stock as a bonus for purchases made after June 14.
  • We will not be offering new members a bonus for registering or for first purchases after June 14, until the SEC has requalified us.
  • If you have a referral who makes a purchase after June 14, you will not get a referral bonus.
  • You cannot buy iConsumer stock from iConsumer.
Here is a blog post with more detail about this.