Convert Cash Back to Stock

You may choose to convert your earned Cash Back to stock at any time.  While we call it "convert", you're actually choosing to have earned iConsumer's publicly traded stock - RWRDP, instead of getting cash.  Earning our stock is what makes iConsumer special.  It's outlined in the offering circular filed with the SEC.  Since you're choosing to do this now, the price outlined in the current offering circular is what we'll use to calculate the number of shares you'll receive.

Once converted, you may choose to transfer your stock to the transfer agent and then to a brokerage firm.  Here's how to do that.

If you have qualifying Cash Back (that is, it's not pending, it's "Earned") you'll see a screen something like the next illustration.  Just clicking on the Convert Cash Back to Stock button on your dashboard will lead you through the process.  

You will need to have previously provided your Social Security number (or Tax ID) and mailing address prior to being able to convert.  You can do that on your My Settings page.
Once you've completed the process, the shares you converted will show as Earned Shares.