Triple Stock Back

For seven days, beginning September 1, 2019, we're offering triple stock back at select stores.  One day per store, IF your purchases at that store on the special day total over $100 (after returns, taxes, shipping charges, etc.).  

The normal rules apply.  If we get credit, you get credit.  

If your credited purchases (all of them added up) don't total OVER $100, you'll get double stock back for that day's purchases.

You'll see your double stock credited the moment the store reports your purchase to us.  You'll see the additional credit for the triple stock back portion reported to you about ten days after the store reports your purchase(s) to us.  

If you return something, or the store reverses a purchase for any reason, and it brings your total purchases for the day to $100 or below, you'll lose the triple stock back award for that day.  You'll also lose the double stock back that applies to that particular purchase.

It's pretty simple.  We get credit, you get credit.  If the purchases at that store are over $100 on that special day, your double stock back turns into triple stock back.