Contest - Supper with a Shark

One Really Sweet Grand Prize and Three Bonus Levels:  Win a free trip to Tampa and dinner with Kevin. 

Nobody comes in second.  More shopping means bonus shares.

Grand Prize Rules:  The member who earns the most shares from shopping between November 15 and January 7 gets a free trip for two to Tampa, Florida, and dinner with Kevin.

Four Bonus Levels:

  • Shark: Earn 10 - 99 shares and get a bonus of 500 shares.  This is an extension of the current first purchase bonus award.  You only get one first purchase bonus.
  • Tiger Shark: Earn 100 - 199 shares and get a bonus of 1,000 shares
  • Hammerhead Shark: Earn 200 - 499 shares and get a bonus of 3,000 shares
  • Great White Shark: Earn 500+ shares and get a bonus of 7,500 shares
The bonus level you achieve will be determined once; awards are not cumulative.

Earning shares:  Shares from shopping count (AdGem included/Amazon excluded).  Bonus shares do not count towards prizes or levels.  Shares earned from travel will count when the booking date is between 12/15/19 and 1/7/20, the travel occurs between 11/15/2019 and March 14, 2020, AND the travel provider gives us (and you) credit before March 15, 2020.  

When Awarded:  Final calculation of shares earned will occur on March 15, 2020.  This allows time for stores to report purchases and returns.

The Fine Print: This is a contest, designed to increase legitimate shopping by our members, which benefits all members.  Our intention is to issue awards to members who legitimately earn shares from shopping. This contest supersedes any other bonus or referral promotions / programs. iConsumer is the sole arbiter of the rules.  The trip to Tampa will be arranged at a time convenient to both the winner and Mr. Harrington, some time before December 31, 2020.  In lieu of a trip, the winner may elect to receive a cash award.  Included in the trip are round trip economy class airfare for two, from a departure point in North America to Tampa Florida.  Two nights in a Sheraton or Marriott level hotel, meals, and transportation to and from the hotel.  Plus dinner with Kevin! 

*Note: You're already a Shark if you have earned any share bonus for joining in the past (and thus won't earn another joining / first time shopping bonus.  You must earn an additional 100 shares to reach the next status level.  Go shop!