Fluz - Gift Card Stacking

We're STACKED!  Get Stoked!!
Fluz gets you Cash Back in store AND online
Combine (stack) Fluz with iConsumer and get more cash back

Fluz is the mobile app that brings iConsumer members the ability to earn cash back IN STORE and online.
When you use iConsumer plus Fluz at an iConsumer store, you earn cash back from Fluz & iConsumer.
Not every Fluz store is an iConsumer store.  Not every iConsumer store is a Fluz store. Using a gift card to pay for your purchase at select iConsumer stores will invalidate that portion of the rebate (check the individual store's Exceptions for full details).

Sign up for Fluz (use your phone) using this link:  https://iconsumer.com/fluz.
If prompted for a referral code, use "ICONSUMER".  
When you sign up, use the same email address you use for iConsumer.  That's how we're able to track your progress & provide rewards.

How to stack:  
  • First, use iConsumer to visit the store.  You can use our app on your phone, or the Button, or the iConsumer site.
  • Add whatever you want to buy to your cart, start to checkout so you learn your purchase total, but DON'T pay yet. 
  • Use Fluz on your mobile device to find the store and generate a virtual gift card in the amount of your purchase.  
  • Then you finalize checking out, using that virtual gift card number during the payment process.  
  • Done.  Fluz will immediately credit you for your cash back, and iConsumer will credit you with additional cash back after your purchase ships.

The fine print:  Fluz is a separate company from iConsumer.  They have separate support and rules (and their stores may change periodically).  Besides making sure you get cash back, Fluz is paying iConsumer a little bit of money when you shop.