Fluz - Gift Card Stacking

Fluz offers iConsumer members (and others) the opportunity to add a layer of cashback to almost any purchase, online or in store.  

Sign up for Fluz using this link:  https://joinfluz.app.link/ICONSUMER

Here's how it works:

The cashback you get using Fluz is additive to any rebate you might get from using iConsumer.  

Using Fluz means adding a step to your purchase process.  In return, you'll earn 1% or so (it varies) in cashback from Fluz, IN ADDITION to the juicy rebate you earn from iConsumer.

Simple steps:  First, use iConsumer to visit the store.  Make the purchase, but DON'T checkout yet.  Use Fluz to generate a virtual gift card in the amount of your purchase.  Then you checkout, using that virtual gift card number.  Done.

Note: iConsumer does NOT track the cashback you get from Fluz.  We still track your rebate.  iConsumer does make some money when you use our link and make purchases.

In some circles, this is called stacking.  Your gift card isn't returnable, so even if you return your purchases, you'll still own the gift card, and get to keep the Fluz cashback.