What stock price do you use when earning shares? -- Two Stock Prices - Market and Offering

By law, we're required to use the offering price (the price listed in our SEC qualified offering) when calculating anything involving stock.  We use the offering price that was current for the date the calculation covers (usually NOT the date the calculation is being made).

For instance, on May 1, 2020 the offering price was $.18 per share.  If you made a purchase on that date, that's the number we'll use to calculate how many shares you've earned.  Even if the store reports the purchase to us in August.

The offering price changes very infrequently (lots of SEC paperwork involved).

The market price is the price our stock is being sold and bought for on the stock market.  Some weeks it may change a lot, and some weeks it doesn't seem to change at all.  We do NOT ever use the market price in calculating how much stock you earn when you shop.

There's a Shareholder Academy post on this subject.

To make it easy to know what the current offering price is, we include it at the bottom of just about every page on our site.