Transaction Corrections Spurred by Audit

If you have been keeping up with our blog, then you already know that we want to be accurate and transparent.  We audit ourselves regularly, and once a year undergo an external audit, and if we discover discrepancies during those audits, we correct them.   You can always see the results of our last external audit, because we report our audited financials to the SEC.
We're in the midst of one of those audits now.   
  1. In the process of the audit we discovered a small set of transactions where members either didn’t receive enough or received too much Cash Back, Stock Back, or both.
  2. We issued corrections on Friday (3/2/18). If your account was impacted, you would have received a notification from our system about new transactions.
  3. On Saturday (3/3/18) we discovered at least one case where Friday’s correction should not have occurred.
  4. On Sunday (3/4/18) we were able to determine the full set of incorrect corrections.  It was a small number, but rather than issue corrections to the corrections and cause further confusion, we undid Friday’s corrections.
  5. On Sunday (3/4/18) we were able to determine the cause of the incorrect corrections, fixed that, and re-applied a new set of corrections to a smaller number of historic transactions.
If you received a notification about the correction transactions and have any questions, please contact our support team by opening a New Ticket and we'll be happy to look into the situation.
We apologize for any confusion these corrections may have caused.
Thanks for being on this journey with us, as together we change the faces of Wall Street.