Checks processed

iConsumer checks have been processed and will be in the mail on April 7, 2018.
But I thought iConsumer was all about Bitcoin!?
So we are- now.  As of December 23, 2017, we have retired cash back. However, as there is a time-lag between "pending" and "earned" (so we can account for returns and reporting delays), we still owe some cash from purchases made prior to that date.
What about the folks with "earned cash" below $25? If I'm no longer getting cash when I shop, what do I do to get that remaining balance?
Simply ask us to use the "earned" Bitcoin that's now being credited to you to bring the cash earned total to over $25, so that you'll automatically get a check from us.  We'll exchange the Bitcoin for cash (using the price we're paying for Bitcoin on the day you make the request), to bring your earned cash total over $25.  You must have had a balance for transactions that occurred prior to 12/23/17 at 1pm.