Stock Issuance Update

Update: On May 25, 2018 we transferred the information to Issuer Direct.
Our May 1st. 2018 stock transfer to Issuer Direct (our Transfer Agent) is the first one we've done since April 2017.  A lot has changed in the past year and we've got a new set of processes in place we're working through for the first time. 
Our accounting team is still reviewing the data to be sent over to Issuer Direct, we hope that review will be completed any time now.  Unfortunately this means a delay in Issuer Direct setting up new accounts and notifying our shareholders about those accounts by about three weeks.  We apologize for this delay; as you know, everything having to do with our stock is regulated so we need to make sure all the "i's are dotted" and "t's are crossed". 
Issuer Direct will notify you via email when the transfer is completed and they have your account setup.
Thanks for your patience!
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