Membership Cancellation/Termination

Thank you for your membership.  The following is a summary of our terms and conditions.  
If you choose to cancel (terminate) your membership, any pending Rebates are automatically cancelled.  In addition, any pending stock awards that have not been issued and transferred are cancelled. The cancellation is immediate, but any checks already sent to you will be honored.
It may take several days for your email to be removed from our lists. Therefore, you may get email communications from us for up to a week after your membership is terminated, but know that we are in the process of cancelling and updating our database.
You will continue to get communications regarding your ownership of any issued and transferred shares from the transfer agent. Any shares of stock transferred to our transfer agent are out of our control, by law. That is, you still own them, whether or not you have an active iConsumer account.  

Remember to uninstall from your computer any optional iConsumer software you may have downloaded. 
We hope this article clarifies our member cancellation policy.