How To Transfer Earned Shares

Transferring your Earned Shares
It's a simple process.  In order to sell your shares, you must first instruct us to transfer them to our transfer agent.  The transfer agent is the SEC-mandated keeper of the official stockholder records. 
  • You can only transfer "Earned" shares.  Shares must have been earned during a period when iConsumer had an effective offering.
  • We must have your contact and tax information on file (in case, for instance, if there are dividends or other corporate events).
  • You must electronically sign a subscription agreement (we're required to conform to all of the rules the SEC publishes about companies like ours).
  • You must not be on an OFAC or other prohibited persons list.  Processing your information may take several weeks.
  • We may charge a fee for the transfer to cover the fee the transfer agent and other agencies charges us.  The fee is currently $65.  We will pick up $50.00 of that fee, so long as you're transferring 10,000 shares or more.  The transfer agent will charge you a fee to transfer your shares to a broker.  Currently, that fee is also $65.
Here's the link:  Transfer My Earned Shares.  That will take you to your Dashboard.  Click the button, and our transfer wizard will walk you through the steps.

What to expect after initiating a transfer
We're transferring shares once a month, at the beginning of the month.  About two to four weeks after we've transferred your shares, our transfer agent (Issuer Direct) will send you an email confirming the transfer. They'll also send you account information, including a password to allow you to access your account.

We will not transfer shares between March 10 and April 30 to accommodate our yearly audit.
Many email systems seem to treat email from Issuer Direct / Direct Transfer as spam.  Be on the lookout for their email.