Conversion to and from Bitcoin

As of November 12, 2018, members may convert Earned Cash Back Awards to Bitcoin, and convert Bitcoin Back Awards to Cash Back.
Bitcoin Back to Cash
Bitcoin you earned from shopping or rewards can be transferred to cash.  Once converted, it will be used to calculate your next check.  There is a minimum required Cash Back Award amount to receive a check.
Use the Convert Bitcoin to Cash button on your Dashboard to start this transfer.
As of 11/16/2018 the BTC to cash option is suspended pending receiving some regulatory guidance.  Before 11/16, your Bitcoin Award will be converted to US Dollars at the Cash to BTC conversion rate we recorded on the date you made the purchase.
Cash Back to Bitcoin
Cash Back and cash-based rewards you've earned (not pending) are converted to BTC and transferred to your wallet or exchange account in one step.  The button illustrated below will appear if you have earned cash back.
We use the USD to BTC conversion rates published by the Gemini Exchange at 3 p.m. on the business day prior to your making the conversion request.
We expect that conversion and transfer will take less than five business days.